Everyone gets Carded!

Her ID was a little sus.

Honestly nothing beats working the gate at The Houndstooth.

You get to be the first person people see when they come in, greet them, and set the tone for their night, as well as yours. And capture amazing moments like this.

A girl who graduated came in with her family. She walked up and said “see that old lady with the cane, card her!” I didn’t hesitate, because honestly, from experience working the gate so much, it makes those who are in fact old enough so happy when you do.

The lady’s name was Shirley, and she played along with it so well. She loved it. So much we got this pic. It’s one of my favorite moments working the gate.



Love is love. Always, and forever.

My beautiful best friend Ali, and her stunning fiancé Kaitlin, did a little thing this past weekend…

Left to right: Kaitlin, and Ali.


It was absolutely amazing. The event venue was beautiful. The weather was perfect. Everyone was there in love and support. It could not have gone any better.

Ali and Kaitlin.

When I say I am so happy for them, I genuinely mean it. It’s cliche to say that when something amazing happens to someone you know. Or in this case two people you know. But I truly am. From the bottom of my heart I am.

These two are an embodiment of love in its truest, and purest form. When I forget what love is, I look to them because what you see in these photos, and from what I can tell you about them, they are love.

Pure, unconditional, love.

Ali and Kaitlin.

Here’s to Ali and Kaitlin, and the amazing journey ahead for the two of them.

God bless.

The Gate at The Houndstooth

Working the gate at The Houndstooth Sports Bar will never get old.

The Houndstooth. Tuscaloosa, AL.

It’s going to be a sad day for me when I leave. Honestly, it’s easily been and still is the most fun, rewarding, and challenging job I have ever had.

I plan on hanging around a little while longer!

Especially for these Spring time views.