Happy Friday with friends, and coffee drink(s) at Catch 22.

Catch 22 Cocktail Bar, Tuscaloosa, AL.

There aren’t many good cocktail bars in Tuscaloosa.

Honestly, there’s only two. Two good ones. That I know of.

Session, and Catch 22.

Left to right: Jessica, myself, and Mary.

After doing a little prep work on another blog I’m launching 👀, I decided to stop in and grab a drink.

A couple of my close friends were grabbing drinks and I decided to stop in and joint them.

I just drank a cold brew, so I decided to stick with the coffee.

Catch 22 Coffee drink

The bartender whipped me up a coffee drink and it is damn good!

Reminds me of a White Russian, but with coffee!

It’s fucking delicious.

Happy Friday.

Cheers to good friends, and coffee drinks!

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