HBD Whiskey Queen

Hung around Birmingham this past Sunday for the whiskey Queens birthday…

Me and Olivia – The Whiskey Queen.

I’ve mentioned it before, but Olivia is my manager at The Houndstooth Sports Bar.

She’s a badass that doesn’t take any shit, and knows her whiskey and bourbon like.

Which is pretty fucking awesome.

Outside of being my manager she’s an amazing friend and one of my personal training clients.

Never a bed workout or hang out session with her. Always a fun time.

We were in a group of thirteen people hanging out in Birmingham this past Sunday, and hopped around to a few different places.

Are lunch at this place…I can’t even recall the name of it. It was alright but honestly it took way too long to get our food. Like 2 hours.


From there we went to place called Black Market where we literally did just one shot…a baby bomb – jager and energy drink.

After that we headed to a couple more places and that was pretty much it.

Went to Queens Park Cocktail Bar, which was fucking amazing.

I went with the Old Cuba ( sorry no photos). You can see what’s in and they’re entire menu here so if you’re ever in the Birmingham area…


Queens Park Cocktail Bar, Birmingham, AL.

It was so nice, cute, and cozy inside.

Queens Park Cocktail Bar, Birmingham, AL.

And to cap our little night we stopped off at the place called The Collins.

The Collins, Birmingham, AL.

What they’re know for – big ole paper air planes hanging from the ceilings. See for yourself…

Paper Air Planes at The Collins, Birmingham, AL.

Our group was getting LIT…no I’m just kidding. We were all pretty tame.

The party bus ride back home though…YES WE TOOK A PARTY BUS!

Our Group at The Collins, Birmingham, AL.

That was our little birthday trip. It was fun, nothing too exciting, just a good ole fashioned day drinking trip – which never disappoints.

Mark 💙

Me and Mark.

This is my good friend Mark.

I brought in the New Year with him, and celebrated his “early”birthday over at Alcove International Tavern.

A little bar here in Tuscaloosa.

It was everything I wanted. Just me, him, and a bunch of other good people surrounding us.

All looking forward to the New Year.

I love this guy. He’s amazing and truly one of my very good friends.

Down to earth, kind, and always up for a good time out on the town. Hanging out with him never disappoints.

I’m very happy and glad I got to ring in the New Year with him.

It’s Not Goodbye, But See ya Later…

Me and Alex.

Worked with this guy for a year at The Houndstooth and I have to say…

He is absolutely amazing. Was such a pleasure working with him.

Every night we worked together was something special.

It was fun!

I’m gonna miss him. He’s moving to Virginia, but will be back to visit once or twice a year.

So it’s not really a goodbye, it’s more like a see ya later.

I’m good with that.

I love ya man.

Be easy out there.


Where the Steps Are Broken…

My grandpa always use to say, “if you want the best food, go where the steps are broken.”

I’ve kept that with me all of life, and live by it.

Call it a mini quest, but I love finding the places where the steps are broken…the places with the best food.

They’re all over, you just have to find them. One place I didn’t have to look to hard for, is Catfish Heaven. Right here, in Tuscaloosa, AL.

Catfish Heaven, Tuscaloosa, AL.

The order: 3 piece catfish with fries, a hurricane, and a piece of red velvet cake. Or whatever cake you’re little heart desires.

Holiday Debauchery 😝

Left to Right: Me, Olivia, Alex.

The annual Houndstooth Christmas Party was a success!

Honestly, I didn’t think we would see and experience it. This year has been a struggle. Getting through it hasn’t been easy.

The Christmas Party is, as employees, the event we look forward to. It’s a fitting present at the end of a long, difficult year.

And this year was nothing short of difficult.

We “RAGED” as Olivia, my manager, likes to say.

I think this picture shows that we did.

I’m already looking forward and ready for next years!

Bourbon and a Worthy Cause.

Sweet hints of caramel and vanilla. Absolutely delicious.

I’m in love with High West Distillery, and their American Prairie Bourbon.

High West: American Prairie Bourbon

To that point, one reason why I love it so much is that 10% of after tax profits from the sale of every bottle goes directly to supporting the preservation of the American Prairie.

High West is passionate about preserving the American West’s Natural Beauty. This is there way of do it.

If you are interested in supporting/giving, then visit Americanprairie.org.

It is truly a worthy cause.