Morning page: 6 of 365

6 of 365

I feel like I’m not doing enough.

I feel like I’m disconnected from those in need.

Leisure and beauty is not frivolous, but I’m not where I’d like to be.

I’m trying to find small wonders.

What grounds me?

Human possibility scares me. I should let it shock me.

Tradition and rebellion are two sides of the same coin I see.

Morning Page: 5 of 365

5 of 365

Get things done now.

Don’t stymie yourself with the details.

Your trauma is intertwined with what you think of as your needs.

Have realistic expectations of yourself.

Don’t be too serious.

Trust your perception.

Opportunity resides in opportunity.

What is outside of your imagination?

Focus on someone who needs you right now.

Who makes you feel at home in your skin?

Morning page: 4 of 365

4 of 365

Become curious about your pain.

Get to know it.

Accept disorder. Vagueness. Doubt.

Everything is interesting if you are willing to face it head on.

When you are stuck, remember, your present situation is not your final destination.

You don’t have to indulge those who want to see you fail.

Ghost anyone who tries to lead you astray.

Go against the grain.

Morning Page: 3 of 365

3 of 365

There’s more than one path.

Open the map of your life see them all.

Are you careless?


Reconnect with your personal power.

This is not a breaking point.

Direct your impulsive energy toward a deliberate goal.

Push forward.

Move ahead toward what you desire.

Happy Easter.