• Yeet Yeet Left Turns

    My Instagram recently got hacked. It’s bunch of bull shot if you ask me. Anyone who does that has a special place in hell. Anyways, here is something positive that happened recently. I WENT TO TALLADEGA WITH THE BOYZZZ! I’ve never been to a race. I’m glad my first one was at Talladega. Will I … Continue reading Yeet Yeet Left Turns

  • Instagram has been HACKED!

    So my current Instagram has been hacked. It sucks, and is very frustrating. But, it is what it is. It does not look like I will be able to get back into my old account, so I will be making a new one. It is not cool that I am forced to do this, but … Continue reading Instagram has been HACKED!

  • Momma ❤️

    My momma doesn’t like taking pictures. She never has. But I’m really happy I got her to take this one. Just good memories. ❤️